Saturday, February 16, 2008

High School Musical!!

Here are some pictures from today! Enjoy!
Here the girls are in the van:

Ella and I on the subway:

We made it (and just in the nick of time!):

Ella being funny before the show:

The girls right after the show:

We had a blast! We saw the girl that played Gabrielle outside right after the show but none of the girls wanted a picture (??). We saw her again walking by as we ate dinner at Mickey D's. Chloe used the mens restroom for the first time and I almost used the opportunity to snap a pic with Sue in front of the urinals (I have a great picture of a few of us at Women Of Faith in the men's room in front of the urinals (well them...I was the smart one taking the picture!), so it brought back memories...!!). Chloe also managed to fall asleep right before the end, but we didn't think at the time to get a picture of that. Well, that and I didn't want my camera confiscated. I really liked how some things were different. I have to admit, though, that Ms. Darbus's New York accent was getting on my nerves.

I guess now I need to do a 2nd Random Fact of the Day (I'm really not that interesting and am running out of things to say....): I tested postive for TB (teberculousis) when I was 2 and was on a special medication for it for a year. That does not mean I have it, but am a carrier, so I need to be careful. I'm also never allowed another TB prick test. I need to get chest X-Rays.