Saturday, November 8, 2008

Woo Hoo Grocery Brag!!

I just got back from the store and had to report that I got $52 worth of groceries for $6!!!!

It's the 8th already?!?!

When did that happen?

I've been quite busy over here. Those of you on Facebook with me know what I'm talking about. We had our rather large (over 400 people!) bingo at our school last night. It's a kids bingo that they look forward to each year. It was so much fun - even though I actually didn't get to play. Ella was very disappointed, as she was two numbers away from filling that card for an Nintendo DS when someone else snagged it. All in all it was a fun evening with no issues. None!! Amazing!

In other news, our mouse has not shown his face again since trying to mug our 10 pounds of hard-earned Halloween candy. I hope he comes back soon and goes for the cheese. I'm tired of these things in my house! I think it's Ella's fault. When we came across a litter of babies in the shed this summer she convinced me they were "cute" and not to harm them. Last time I listen to a five year old!

Speaking of Ella, she finally lost her top front tooth!! This one has been giving us problems since she was two. It had begun to recess and was puzzling all of her doctors. We were keeping a good eye on her adult tooth behind it and it's fine. We thought we were going to have to pull it but nature did it's thing. Yay!

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!!