Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Your Fortune, Madam...

Yesterday was Chinese New Year. Coby learned about this holiday in school. In fact, he specifically chose it for a class project. So, we did a lot of reading and learning over the past month! He wanted to celebrate here at home with a traditional (somewhat...) dinner last night. So, I put him to the task of finding a recipe online that he wanted to eat. He decided on this SWEET AND SOUR PORK recipe. I forgot to take pictures while we cooked, but it turned out really yummy (and I only deep fried once! It took a lot to deep fry at all). He also made up fortunes for us to open during dinner. We were going to make the cookies, but time got away from us. Anyway, here are his fortunes (I did not edit or change any of these...but he did do them on the computer so the spelling is okay!):

*You will like star wars one day.

*You will buy a 72 inch plaza TV.

* You will kiss a boy/girl.

* You will get an Xbox 360.

* You will get 1,000 dollars in each month.

* You will become married to a boy/girl

* You will like science one day.

* I will like stuff I don't like now.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ella's 6th Birthday (is finally OVER!)

For some reason my kids' birthday's always feel like marathons! Anyway, here are some pics from her birthday dinner at Kyoto's and her birthday party last night.