Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who's going home tonight?

My guess would be Jason. I get the feeling he is starting to mock the show. Anyone else? He's in a great position as 4th runner up. He can be signed by anyone and not be strapped to AI rules.

In other news, we have dropped the price of our house to see if that helps get people in here. Again, we are waiting until July. If it's not sold by then we will probably take it off the market. We have a particular house we like (but not love) that will suit us fine if the right offer comes along for ours. Again, we're giving it to God.

I saw an article in a magazine on how to catch and raise your own monarch caterpillars. You find the eggs on a leaf and keep the whole thing in a vase (uncovered!), etc, etc until the caterpillar hatches and goes into it's chrysalis and turns into a butterfly and then you take it out and let it go. It sounds like a wonderful idea for Ella. She would get a kick out of that. I'm not sure how keen my girlfriend Stace would be on the idea of loose caterpillars in my house, though. I would still hope she would come to group!!

We had a random dog come over to Ella this morning while she was out playing. I fell in love with her, but of course she had tags (darn!). Come to find out her name is Kahlua (fun!) and she belongs to a neighbor behind us. She was a Collie mix. ADORABLE and well behaved (well, for the 10 minutes or so I had her while trying to locate where she belonged, anyway...).

I'm not too happy with some new rulings at Coby's school. First the 2nd grade field trip to Denny's has been cancelled. They have been doing this for at least 10 years. It goes with their economics unit and they get to see the inside behind the scenes stuff and then do their ordering and tallying bill, tax and tip. They also walk there so it's a lot of fun for the kids. The decision to nix it came because (apparently) in "this area" kids are more prone to going out to eat with their families and the administration didn't feel it was necessary to do the trip. They don't ever walk with their class and invade a Denny's though. Hmmm.... This might possibly go along with a new rule beginning next year which is: No fast food allowed at lunch. Parent's will sometimes surprise their kids and show up with McDonald's or BK. I will often go to Subway and bring subs for Coby and I to enjoy. I wonder if that is considered "Fast food?" And, I want to know how those horrible school lunches are any better than fast food anyway. I think they are gross and unhealthy. But, the reasoning for the fast food rule is: "....because of the high number of food allergies (??) and the growing concern over childhood obesity." I think parents should have the say on that. Some of us don't do fast food very often and it's a treat for our kids. Nor do we have any issues with obesity. But, it makes me wonder if that's the real reason they don't want us going to Denny's? And, if Denny's and fast food encourage childhood obesity, then why are school breakfasts consisting of french toast sticks and donuts? Hmmmm??? And why (while I'm at it) is the PTA now promoting a McDonald's night where a % of proceeds go toward our playground fund (of all things....). How did that get approved?

Alright, off my soapbox for now.....

Monday, May 5, 2008

CVS Help!

Many of you have asked me about this CVS thing. Perhaps you're intrigued? Let me help you get started! I found this great post from someone else who does this and it's so informative that I have to steal it for you. So, pay attention! She does not mention using Manufactures coupons here, but that is always a possibility as well, and an easy way to have CVS pay you to take the stuff off of their hands!

I want to present a little primer for those of you who haven't yet attempted the CVS thing. It is a little tricky to figure out at first. This plan is based on the May deals, so it should be good for several weeks. I thought I would share it with you. (Know that I defer to Money Saving Mom in all things CVS. She is wiser than I in that area and has some great posts here and here.)

1. Follow directions on this post to print a special $3 off a $15 purchase - CVS coupon (print several coupons)

2. Go to CVS

3. Sign up for an Extra Care card.

4. Pick up an ad and the May Extra Care Book

5. Purchase the following and make sure you use your new Extra Care card and have them run it before the items. Double check the ad with the items to make sure you got the right brand, style, and size:

2 Aquafresh Advanced Whitening or Extreme Clean @ 2.99 each
1 Adidas Action 3 deodorant @ 4.99
1 Colgate 360 Toothbrush@ 3.99
choose a $1 filler (something that is worth about a dollar, so that your pre-tax total will be over $15.)

This should total $15.96 + tax. Minus the coupon you should pay $12.96 + tax on the entire amount. At the bottom of your receipt you will receive $14.96 in CVS "Extra Care bucks" This means you made a $2 profit, plus have 2 tubes of toothpaste, a deodorant, a toothbrush, and a candy bar(or whatever filler you chose)!These Extra Care bucks (ECBs) have an expiration date and can only be used in conjunction with your card.

If you really want to play it well, wait to buy things that will give you more ECBs.

You could turn around and buy with your 14.96 ECBs:

3 CVS Claritin @ 3.79 each = $11.37
1 more deodorant @4.99
fillers that total about $2

This subtotal is $18.36 (+ tax)Then subtract the $3 coupon=15.36 (plus the tax).Pay with your 14.96 ECBS. For another 40 cents (plus the tax), you've got 3 allergy meds, a deodorant and another $16.36 in ECBs.This means that after 2 transactions, you will have spent13.36 out of pocket (plus tax)and come home with:

2 Aquafresh Advanced Whitening or Extreme Clean Toothpaste
2 Adidas Action
3 deodorant
1 Colgate 360 Toothbrush
3 CVS Claritin (knockoff)3 $1 fillers.And you will still have $16.36 in ECBs for your next trip. Basically you got all the above for free and made $3 in the process! Now, just don't lose those ECBs!

Happy CVS'ing! If you try this, post here and tell us what you got!