Friday, February 1, 2008

Let's Add Some Insult To Injury....Shall We?

So, to top it all off, Jon informs me that he had already requested and taken a vacation day today so he could help me get things done here and just spend time together without the kids.



So, I get up this morning to start laundry. Mondays and Fridays are my days to do that. I'm in a good mood. Ella is spending the morning at a friends house and then being taken to preschool and Coby has school as well. Jon is working from home today (since both kids are gone all day) so I thought we'd, uh, spend some time together and also go to lunch. Comcast is coming to fix our cable that has not been working right for a year (another reason Jon is home today). I also need to get the house ready for our community group tonight. So, I look outside and see that it is raining. We were expecting this, we are supposed to get an inch or so today. On my way to do laundry (because, you know, I'm addicted.....) I decided to check email. My day has crashed. Schools are closed!! WHAT?!?!?!?! It's in the mid-30's now and is forcasted to get up to 47! Why in the world would they CLOSE school's? There better be some ice somewhere......that's all I gotta say....

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Real Quick.....

Doesn't that picture of Ella to the left (under "Starring Cast") crack you up? I giggle everytime I see it. And boy, does that show her real personality.....that is all her!!

Ella's 5th Birthday

Everyone thought I was crazy to invite 20 kids to Ella's party. I was assuming it would be fine. There would be a few who couldn't make it, right? WRONG!! What a party! But, fun was had by all (perhaps, even me...). Here are some shots to document this event:

Here is the island ready for dinner. We served chicken nuggets, fries, carrots and apples - per the birthday girl!

Here they are eating their picnic dinner! (Yes you see right..they are all in their PJ's!)

An Island Princess Party would not be complete without viewing the movie itself (a lifesaver with 20 kids present!!)

Opening gifts......lots and lots and lots of gifts!

More gifts!!

Blowing out the candles.
Whew! Thank goodness my kids' birthdays are six months apart. Although, Coby's are easy now.
Alright, off to do something somewhat productive...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well, here I am....

taking the plunge. I've done this before...this blogging thing. I even have a MySpace page with a failed attempt at a blog. I just don't feel like I'm that good at it. However; I persevere and am trying again! I love to write things down (those that know me well understand this) and documenting my sometimes-crazy days may be just the thing I need.

So, while I familiarize myself here, pull up a chair and get comfortable.