Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Yellow Jackets are GONE!

Finally! I broke down and paid someone to come take care of them yesterday. I had a pile of about 45 that I had killed in my living room just in the morning hours! I went out there this morning and there is NO activity at all! The guy that came told me I had a large nest in the wall. No kidding!

And now we've moved back to ants. In my kitchen. Again. Because my house just must be so irresistible to little things like that. We had ten bats in our crawlspace in the spring and last year we had an issue with European Hornets (yep, they were THAT BIG!) in the crawlspace (and occasionally flying around the 2nd floor) as well. And the other night, as I lay in my bed, I hear something above me in the other crawlspace (what is it with crawlspaces?) and Jon and I decided it must be a mouse (I'm thinking positive here...don't rain on my parade and tell me where there is one there is more....!). So, I set traps last night and what did I find this morning? A missing trap. I'm not kidding.

I love my cape cod, but I HATE the crawlspaces!!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wall Art!

Well, I got to two of Ella's "brands," if you will, on her bedroom wall. I have all eight drawn in pencil and now I have to go back and paint them. Avery took a nice nap, so I was able to paint two! Now, granted, they are easy one's (only one color...), but they still took some time to do:

And to give you an idea of actual size:

The other six logo's I've sketched on her wall are: Camp Rock, Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, Hello Kitty, Hannah Montana and Littlest Pet Shop. I think the Camp Rock one will be my ultimate challenge. Maybe even more than my Raven's Cornhole design was...

Anyway, while I'm at it here, I thought I would share my other wall projects. It all started in the kitchen:

Then traveled to the powder room:

Thinking this was fun and relatively easy I decided to do one in our master bedroom. This one took forever because I used wall paint instead of the other stuff and so I had to do multiple coats. Plus it's quite large:

Next I perched on the washer and dryer and tackled the laundry room (which is my favorite so far!):

Then I wanted to do something fun in Ella's dress-up corner so I came up with this (in glitter paint, of course!):

I promise Bible verses are coming....I'm actually working on one for Jon's grandmom and pop. I'll take a pic when I'm done with that one as well.

To help get me thinking about verses for my house, which is your favorite (short!) verse you would love to see on your wall??!!??