Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who wants to save time and money?!?!

Thought that would get your attention! So, here's the deal. I love using onions when I cook. I think they bring a fantastic flavor to the food. I do not like peeling and chopping. In fact, I don't know many people who DO like peeling and chopping onions! I also do not use them too often. Lately it has seemed to me like I hadn't been using them at all, what with all the wonderful meals in my freezer! So, when I would buy a bag of onions, I found them rotting before I could use them all. That's like throwing money away, right? So, what I've started doing is using my food processor to chop the onions one 3-pound bag at a time, bagging them by 1/2C in snack-sized baggies and then throwing all of them in a quart-size freezer bag, and freezing them!

Here's the beauty of this:

*I get to use my cool big processor (which I will need a new one of very soon - this one was a wedding gift and so is almost 12 years old!)
*I don't get ANY tears
*All the onions get used - no waste!
*When I need onions for a recipe they are chopped and ready to go!

I had heard that onions gain strength when they are frozen and I have to be honest that I have not noticed a difference. This works so well for me I've decide to expand on the idea. So, yesterday I was making a new crockpot recipe (that bombed, but you don't know unless you try!) that called for small amounts of green pepper and celery. So, I drug out my processor and set to work. I did the same thing for those two that I do for onions. I have not tried to use the frozen veggies yet, but I am assuming the results will be as good as the onions.

Happy Freezing!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend @ Massenutten!

Alright Blogger is not being very nice and so I can't really move pics around. So, the top few are of the waterpark and arcade. The two on the bottom have a description...

We had a fun weekend! We were bummed that we couldn't tube on Sunday because of the rain, but it got us home early. Then dinner and winding down before bedtime were easier! Here are some pics. I don't have many because my point-and-shoot is on the fritz and I wasn't about ready to bring my new DSLR into the waterpark!

These two pics were from dinner on the way. We stopped at a local place right outside of Charles Town, WV: