Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend @ Massenutten!

Alright Blogger is not being very nice and so I can't really move pics around. So, the top few are of the waterpark and arcade. The two on the bottom have a description...

We had a fun weekend! We were bummed that we couldn't tube on Sunday because of the rain, but it got us home early. Then dinner and winding down before bedtime were easier! Here are some pics. I don't have many because my point-and-shoot is on the fritz and I wasn't about ready to bring my new DSLR into the waterpark!

These two pics were from dinner on the way. We stopped at a local place right outside of Charles Town, WV:

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Dani said...

is that waterpark new? my parents own a timeshare there and i've never seen it! looks very fun and like you guys really enjoyed it! :)