Friday, May 8, 2009

"That" Mom

Well, I've done it. I've gone and become the thing I never ever wanted to be. Yes, I've become "that mom." And the whole time I was acting as "that mom" I was trying to pep talk myself, "this is the right decision", "you went out of your way to get them for him, he should have them" and so on... Here's what happened:

So, today is "Sunglasses Day" at school. Coby did not have a pair that fit him, so I made a special trip to Target (come on, I can call a trip to Target "special...") to get him some. In addition to that I physically put them on his backpack so he would not forget them this morning. So, we pull up to school and he exclaims that he forgot them. I was quite angry with him and reminded him that I even put them on his backpack for him! He said he has taken them off because he wanted to wear them, and had taken them off and forgotten them. I told him I was sorry, but I had done all I could. It was his responsibility to remember them. So, of he walked. All the way up the hill to the portable. With his head down. Didn't help that Ella rubbed in that she had hers. And so, in that moment, I made a decision I never thought I would. I decided to save him.

Please don't remind me of this when he's in high school and forgets a large project and then gets mad at me when I don't bring it for him. I swore I'd never even so much as bring lunch of he forgets it (and, truthfully, though I know they need to eat, I dislike the fact that the cafeteria will let them "borrow" money. One missed lunch and chances are they'll never forget again.).

What have I done?