Friday, March 28, 2008

FPF and other things....

The kids staged this picture themselves. Ella is so dramatic and you can see it here! Ha! This picture makes me laugh.

Anyway, the CC concert last night was......okay. We saw them with Nichole Nordeman a couple of years ago and it rocked. Last night was actually kindof boring. They did a lot of their slower songs. It was still fun, though. Thankfully the couple in front of us seemed to have "gotten a room" during intermission and didn't come back. Sceech!

Have a great weekend! Coby has practice tomorrow and Ella has a party to go to. Jon and I are both "on" this weekend at church so we will be there the majority of the weekend. We had over 2600 last weekend!! Woo Hoo! Then on Sunday I'm going to a friends house after church to help her go through kid clothes and Coby has a playdate. Jon will work through our list for the house to get it ready. "For what?" you ask..........

Random Fact of the Day: I often wish I could play the piano.

AFTERTHOUGHT: I was playing with Google (you know, in all my spare time!) and thought it would be fun to Google the kids names together. This is what I found!! WOW!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm off.....

Going to THIS CONCERT and hoping to have a blast!!


Maybe if I start NOT wanting Kristy voted off, she'll get voted off.....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm calling Comcast!!

I wish I had my vote for who is getting kicked off AI tonight, but I wasn't able to watch it! I was at my girlfriends house doing our Bible study. I came home all excited to watch with no commercials (!).I recorded it in HD and what a mistake! We've been having issues with our HD's quality so we had a technician come out. Of course, it didn't do it while he was standing there... We get something I call "Pixilation" where there are lines and stuff on the screen but the worst part is the horrible noise it makes. Impossible to watch a singing show.

So, according to my last few weeks I've said I want Kristy Lee Cook to go. Maybe I'll just wish for that again...


Random Fact of the Day: This is more of a confession of sorts.....I shouldn't have let my grandmom buy my kids that box of munchkins yesterday....opps.....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

We had a great weekend! I love the ages the kids are for this sort of thing. We dyed eggs on Saturday late afternoon than had a family movie night. Ella had chosen a glitter kit (of course!) and they actually turned out pretty good! Here are some pics:

Sunday morning dawned sunny and the kids were excited to find their baskets. Here is a picture of Coby searching in the powder room:

Ella's was hidden in the laundry room on top of the dryer and Coby's was in the top oven! He gave me a strange look earlier (while we were waiting for Ella to wake up) when I had asked him to open the bottom one for me so I could put the potatoes in. I had told him the casserole was heavy and it was hard for me to lift it into the top one. He bought it!!! Hee Hee Hee...Later he told me it was a good thing I had noticed his basket there before I preheated the oven!

They were excited about what they got. They both got a new Webkinz, Peeps, those cool new Tooth Tunes toothbrushes (Jonas Brothers for Coby and Hannah Montana for Ella), and an egg with their fav candy (Fun Dip for Coby and a Pez for Ella). Then Coby got this cool Bionicle set and Ella got a radio with a CD player and MP3 jack for her room and the Mariposa movie.

Here they are ready for church:

After church we went to Jon's Aunt's house for good food and family and the annual Easter Egg hunt:

Great Grandmom had put a green jellybean in one of the eggs and whoever found it got an extra dollar. It was in Coby's egg!

Then we came home and crashed!!

Random Fact of the Day: The house that we live in was supposed to be our temporary "starter home." Almost eleven years and an added 1800 square feet later we are still here!!