Thursday, January 8, 2009

How am I doing?

I only have a minute but wanted to update my "Back To School" to-do list that I wrote for myself on the first day of school. Some of you may remember that. Here it is with updates:

* Finish the corn hole game for aunt and uncle DONE!

* Paint verse on wall for grandmom DONE!

* Paint stuff Ella wants on her bedroom wall (this will be FUN!) VERY VERY CLOSE!

* Go through kids closets (again? still? one never knows....) DONE!
* Re-pot bathroom plant DONE!

* Clean out and unpack (from when the house was on the market) the new part of the basement DONE! Carpet comes next week!

* Paint cabinets to be ready to finish above mentioned "new part" DONE!

* Go through boxes of framed pictures and figure out what to do with them! Not even started

* Scan in all pictures from before we had a digital camera (LARGE undertaking!) Slowly working on this...

* Outside gardens - split hosta and other perennials and create new garden in front and side DONE!

* Clean all windows inside and out. Include mini blinds and curtains egh...avoiding?

I'd like to add some stuff to the list but have to think about what would be priority for me. I've got lots of volunteer stuff coming up with school and church and don't want to throw un-realistic goals on myself. I will mention that the Living Room fireplace wall has got to be wallpapered with that paint-able wallpaper and then painted. I'm also indulging in a new camera (Nikon D80) and would love to take a class to learn more about before the summer.