Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gourmet dinner..

This is pretty much how we eat here on Saturday nights when Jon has to be at church and we hang at home:

Yep, fish sticks and mac and cheese!

Oh, I almost forgot the veggie...:

Leftover onion rings from Red Robin count, right?!?!

We are going to look at five more houses tomorrow. I'm hoping to get the pictures done for this one within the next two weeks. The upstairs is almost ready. I'll post pics when I get them. I'm hoping to have the majority of the upstairs ready after the kids get to bed. I have one more color to roll on as touch up and then some brush work to do.

Wish us luck tomorrow!!

Also, I scored on jeans for me yesterday. I was walking through Penney's to get to Yankee Candle (for that good house smell!!) and noticed my favorite brand (A.N.A.) was on clearance. So, I tried a few pair on and bought some. The one's I really like?!? The 8's. I swear, the most ultimate marketing plan is for a company to make the fit one size smaller than normal and women would go crazy. Am I right?

Random Fact of the Day: I still migrate to the 14's when looking at pants. I gotta get over that....

Friday, April 4, 2008


January 2005
Foreshadowing, much? I hope not!
(This is our kitchen in the background before the remodel...)

We went to check out some houses last night. Can I just say how much I LOVE my house?!?! This is going to be harder than I thought....

Have a great weekend! Hopefully, if the weather cooperates, I can post some pictures of our new "deck" come Monday. Isn't it ironic that the things you can't wait to do to your house (but don't for whatever reason) you do to prep it to sell and then you can't enjoy them? This deck that joins the mud room door to the side door is one example.

Random Fact of the Day: Our 11-year wedding anniversary is less than one month away!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Taste Test... (see "Making Meringue Cookies" post first!!)

Here are the finished products. Boy....they are real easy to eat!

Making Meringue Cookies

Ella has been bugging me to make these cookies out of her Fairy Cookbook for awhile now. So, I decided today would be the day! Here are some pics. No final product yet. They are still in the oven! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Come, First Served....

We got the kids these building blocks a few Christmas's ago and they NEVER play with them and they are getting one my nerves.

I think we have about one hundred of them. Does anyone want them?

Who is leaving tonight?

My guess is:


Agree? We'll see!!

While we're on the topic of TV, I have to admit I'm thrilled for/excited about/looking forward to the new "The Office" next Thursday and "Desperate Housewives" next Sunday night!! Jon and I have been watching a little of "The Office" season III. I got him that for his (okay, okay, our) Easter basket.

Off to paint!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It Still Fits!

So, as I was going through one of our crawlspaces this morning I came across the box that held my wedding gown. It isn't a fancy box, not one that I paid a few hundred dollars to buy and then a few hundred more to preserve the actual dress. Nope. It's a good 'ol Rubbermaid storage tote. When I opened it up I pulled out the garment bag that held the dress. I wonder why I even bother with the garment has a ton of rips in it! Anyway, Ella was all excited to see it so I pulled it out for her (read: almost got attacked by it when it came free from the box...think 90's wedding.....POUF!). Then, because I had pulled it out I decided to try it on. Lo and behold... it fit (I guess I gave away the hint of suspense and to whether or not it actually would by my title..)!! Amazing......

So, I'm about to go through my closet and switch over clothes and pack away the stuff I won't need until next winter where it will undoubtedly be unpacked in a much smaller closet. But we'll have more land, right? RIGHT?

Anyone know where I can get some boxes?

Random Fact of the Day: I actually weigh less now than when I got married, but everything has also shifted around a bit....

Oh, and Kath....I feel like breaking into the chorus of "Stick to the Status Quo" with all this confessing we're doing....!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Karen Kingsbury

Some of you know who this is. If you do not, let me fill you in! Karen Kingsbury is my favorite author. She can't release books fast enough for me! What I'm most excited about is that they are making a film out of one of her books, "Like Dandelion Dust." This is SO COOL! If you are looking for a wonderful, Christian fictional author, I suggest bee-lining it to your nearest library or bookstore. You will not be sorry!

Also on her site is her journal. If you have a minute I invite you to read her latest entry where she talks about the show "The Moment of Truth." I couldn't have said it better.

It looks like those of us waiting on the edge of our seats for the release of Sunset will have to wait until the fall. I'm excited to read it, but sad at the same time because I will miss reading about the Baxter's!

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be busy days for me. I'm doing a cool thing with some MOPS moms involving freezer meals. Cooking (well, food in general!) is one of my passions and helping people is another and this endeavor combines both. I'm helping a total of 20 moms prep a total of 100 meals over the course of four sessions. Forty are already done and bagged and labeled and in my freezer. Here are some pics of those two meals:

The two above are Sweet and Sour Chicken with Veggies and Rice made with one and a half pounds of chicken tenderloin each and the pic below is Herb Marinated Pork Chops. They got six boneless tenderloin pieces in each!

I shopped for all of it and had a BALL!! I did it for a great price as well!! Five complete meals (seven for some if they choose to divide the two that can be divided) that feed 6-8 for $40! The best part was calling the grocery stores. "You need how many pounds of chicken?!" So between that and working on the house I'll be busy.

I had a blast today with my girlfriend going through kid clothes. I love getting organized and I love seeing my kids' old clothes getting so much use!

Have a good Monday!

Random Fact of the Day: If I have a few extra minutes at night I love getting onto the kids' Webkinz site and playing games for them (and doing all the daily stuff if they didn't go on that day!). Maybe I should get one of my own. Maybe I should start a Webkinz Anonymous because I know I'm not the only one.....