Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We did the pumpkin thing last night. Here are some pics:

Ella's kindergarten class is reciting nursery rhymes today. She picked "Patty Cake." I had no idea that was even classified as a nursery rhyme! Anyway, here she is dressed the part. I'm bringing in some flour for her to put on her face before she "goes on."

This week and last I was having fun with Ella's sandwiches in her lunch. I was cutting them into various Halloween shapes and then using sharpy's on the baggies to give them some color. I guess if I really wanted to go over the top I could've gone out and gotten eatable dye and stencils for the bread. Yeah. Anyway, here is today's: I think it turned out cute!

BE SAFE tonight if you are trick-or-treating!!