Friday, December 19, 2008

Uh oh...I think I'm in trouble...

Coby has been given a project assignment to design his own island using the geographic stuff (I'm so technical, aren't I?) they are learning in school. He has three options for his island. He can make a 3D one, make one on poster board, or make one using Word or PowerPoint. He decided he wanted to do it on the computer. He was asking about PP, and I was trying to explain to him what it can do. He wasn't grasping it so I wanted to show him an example. A real good one is the slide show I made for him for his first birthday. It chronicles all of his milestones each month as well as including pictures and video. Took me weeks to do. I found where it was on the computer and Coby, Ella, and I settled in to watch it. Coby loved how the slides moved on their own and you could add different transitions and all that. Totally accomplished what I set out to do - make him understand PP. When it was over Ella turned to me and said, "Did you make one for me too, Mommy?"


Guess what I'm working on this afternoon?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Get Yer Snowman Poop Here!!

So, the funniest thing I've seen for the holidays is "Snowman Poop." I was given this little bag of goodness years ago and have made some almost every year. This year I thought the kids would get a kick out of giving some to their friends and, yes, their teachers. Here is a pic of the finished product and a copy of the words in case you would like to make it too. The "poop" consists of mini-marshmallows! Enjoy!

Santa looked at his list
Even checked it twice
And he found out that you
Haven’t been very nice
Since coal is so expensive,
Here is the scoop:
Santa’s filling you stocking
Snowman Poop!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Most Adorable Baby EVER!

We were given these cool coasters as wedding shower gifts a few years ago at two different weddings. They have a spot in the middle for a picture that, of course, were of the bride and groom. We managed to end up with four of these and I promptly changed the picture to some cute one's of the kids. From lots of use the pictures have started to get water marks on them. As I'm looking at this adorable one of Ella it dawns on me that I do not have another! It was taken before I had a digital camera! So, I quickly scanned it in and tried to fix it up so the mark isn't so noticeable. I had to share the pic with you because it makes me smile every time I see it! She is six months old here. Enjoy!

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I thought blog giveaways were supposed to be popular???

So, I'm offering a FREE book and NO ONE is taking me up on it? Is asking you to do one nice thing for someone too much? Or do I really not have any readers?!?

Come on everyone! This is free! I'm not asking you to buy anyone anything! Let someone merge into your lane! Give up your spot in line! Let that tired mom have the last Wii...I don't know! Get out there, do something, and tell me about it here!!

Apparently people need to read this book more than I thought....