Friday, December 19, 2008

Uh oh...I think I'm in trouble...

Coby has been given a project assignment to design his own island using the geographic stuff (I'm so technical, aren't I?) they are learning in school. He has three options for his island. He can make a 3D one, make one on poster board, or make one using Word or PowerPoint. He decided he wanted to do it on the computer. He was asking about PP, and I was trying to explain to him what it can do. He wasn't grasping it so I wanted to show him an example. A real good one is the slide show I made for him for his first birthday. It chronicles all of his milestones each month as well as including pictures and video. Took me weeks to do. I found where it was on the computer and Coby, Ella, and I settled in to watch it. Coby loved how the slides moved on their own and you could add different transitions and all that. Totally accomplished what I set out to do - make him understand PP. When it was over Ella turned to me and said, "Did you make one for me too, Mommy?"


Guess what I'm working on this afternoon?

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