Friday, March 13, 2009

Top Three Worst Things About Sinus Surgery

I have my 2nd post-op appointment today (as well as my 3rd ortho of the week, but that's another entry!) and I'm feeling pretty good. So, as I look back and reflect on my recovery I thought it'd be fun to give a top three. And without further ado:

#3 My aching legs

Yep. you read right. If I had to complain about discomfort it would have to have been the discomfort in my legs. Oh they ached SO BAD! This was only for about two days (until I really started moving again) but it was horrible!

#2 My sneezing fits!

Beginning last Sunday evening I lapsed into these horrible sneezing fits! They have been driving me CRAZY! I swear when we were at the settlement table on Monday signing the re-finance papers the women must have thought I was terribly sick! They don't hurt my nose but it makes it really itchy. I guess the fact that it's healing doesn't help the itchy-ness factor, either.

#1 That horrible tape!

My cheeks are still trying to recover from the tape that invaded them last Tuesday and Wednesday. I had to change my dressings once every two hours which meant ripping the tape off and re-applying every two hours. Picture folded gauze under your nose with tape coming out of both sides and attaching to your cheek. Oh, that has got to be the worst thing about this whole surgery!!

Well, we're out for the weekend. We are headed here for some fun in the sun (tubing) and fun inside (waterpark). I'll try to post pictures.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Sue said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better...Have a fun trip this weekend!