Friday, February 15, 2008

New Favorite Sandwich

My grandmom and I went to lunch today at Panera after her chemo treatment. I was "Panera-ed" out there for awhile, but willingly went (free lunch is always a plus!). I ended up trying something new and now can't wait for my next Panera opportunity! I had the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich. YUM. And while I was there, Jen S., I passed the Sleepy's and thought of you!!

While we were out we stopped by Boscov's to find me a shawl (and maybe a dress?) to wear to our church's Valentine's Gala tonight. I was planning on wearing pants but then got talked out of it by (ready for this?!?) my husband (of all people!). So, I found a dress that would work, but was having issues with the zipper. I wasn't going to get it until I inquired about the price. It rang up $17.50. Then she gave me 10% for the zipper PLUS they were having a 20% off sale. How could I say no? I cannot wear it tonight, but now I have one that I can wear for something else. And black dresses are always good to have around. So, I have one here at home that will work that I wore to a summer wedding. The material is season-friendly so I should be able to get away with it. Ironically enough, the shawl/wrap I bought was $20.00, more than the dress! Now all I need is to have my seamstress-extrodinairre friend fix the dress for me!

Alright, Ella is asking to cuddle and I cannot say no. Have a great weekend! We are going in to DC tomorrow to see High School Musical Live with Danielle and Sue and their daughters. We can't wait!!

Random Fact of the Day: I love to burn candles but can't stand floral scents. I much prefer the "baking" ones.

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jen said...

Ah, good old Sleepys!
I just got great deals on jeans and three shirts at Boscovs. End of the season sales ROCK!