Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine Gala

We had a good time last night at the Gala. I do not like to dance, and this felt a lot like a wedding reception to me, but it was still worth going. It was very cool to see everyone dressed up and our auditorium transformed as well. They couldn't cover up our roller-coaster, though! Here are some pictures of us learning to Tango, courtesy of Stephanie:

And here we are at the table:

Ready to have a blast today at HSM!! Look for pictures coming soon!!

Random Fact of the Day:

I love to read and once won a "Book-It" contest in Middle School. It ran for six weeks and the goal was to read 6 books (one per week). I read 52. Seriously. On the rare occasion that I would get in trouble at home, my books would be taken away (not TV, or phone or anything like that....).


Katie said...

hey jenn -found your blog through some other links...I'm adding you to mine!

Danigurl said...

You guys look good!