Monday, February 18, 2008

Who is older?

Stacey and I always get conflicting answers when we ask people which one of us is older. So, if you do not know this answer (don't spoil it if you do!!), who is it?

And, while we're at it, do we even look like sisters to you? We're curious to hear your answers! Don't be shy!!!

I used my new scanner to get this picture in! I LOVE this thing!!

Random Fact of the Day: I found out I was pregnant with Coby when I was 10 weeks my yearly appointment! What a surprise!


Mom of 6 said...

i don't think you look alike at all. i blogged today!! how fun!!!

Katie said...

Hmmm...are you older? I know I'm older than you! :) two look nothing alike!

Kathi said...

You two look nothing alike! I'm not going to say who looks older....I'm not that stupid.

You've had a busy weekend. HSM looked fun....I am taking my gang to see it in Baltimore next week.