Thursday, February 21, 2008

Such a light-weight....

We have a jucuzzi tub in our bathroom and occationally Jon and I like to partake in it together. We love to just sit for an hour or so with the four windows around it open and pretend we are outside in a hottub (lol). Anyway, I decided the other night that I would also enjoy a Corona while we talked. It took everything to not fall asleep! One beer! Jon had to help me up out of the tub....

Then, when I woke up yesterday with that migraine I took some Exedrin to knock it out. I also had a cup of hot tea. I was so shaky from that little bit of caffeine from the medicine and tea that I could barely think straight! When I go to DD or SB and get a coffee, I have to get a small or I can't function. Most people love caffeine to help them get things done. Me? All I can think about is how much I can eat to get the shakes to go away. Why is it that most weight-loss pills have caffeine in them? Something to ponder.

My plan today is to, at some point, finish watching the girls from AI last night. Then I think it would be fun to post who I think will get booted. Anyone else want to participate? I'd be fun to see if we can guess who will continue on!

Random Fact of the Day: I landed 2nd place in a scholastic competition in high school for a chance to win a trip to Germany to be an exchange student for a year. The process involved many essay's, testing, and interviews. I often wonder how different my life would be had I been given that trip. But I know God chose my path for me, and I wouldn't change my life for anything!

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