Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Words...

Our immediate and church family has just experienced a tragic and horrific event this evening. A good friend of ours was driving his six kids home from school and was hit head on by a delivery truck when he crossed the center line. He was killed instantly. We are still not sure why he crossed the line. All six children were taken to the hospital. As of right now, four have been released (one of them is Coby's good friend) and the other two are being held overnight. One of the two (Ella's good friend) has a minor skull fracture with bleeding in the brain but doctors are not too concerned. Their eleven year old son witnessed the entire accident and can recall seeing the truck coming at them. He saw his father die. Then he turned to the other children and made sure they were all okay. He is a hero in my eyes.

No words can express how I'm feeling right now. I can only imagine what is going through my girlfriends' head as she suffers the lose of her beloved husband.

Please pray for this family as they move forward in what will be the most painful time of their lives.

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Kelsey said...

Thanks for writing this. I didn't know that about Josh. He is a hero.

I'm so exhausted hurts not to be able to help, but I am praying. I hope you are hanging in there. Let me know if you hear of anything I can do to help too...I want to.

God is all-knowing and even in the hardest of times we must trust Him in His power and love.

I love you.