Friday, December 5, 2008

More bizarre happenings from our house...

Do bizarre things happen in three's like the saying "bad thing's" do? If so I'm curious to see what that third thing is. To the left is a picture of a lava lamp (you probably already knew that!). This is very similar to the one Coby has, as it's an orange wax with clear liquid. I was in his room the other day and I was curious to see that the lamp was not doing anything. The orange wax seemed to be just sitting there in a mound. It didn't look like a hard mound, like when the lamp is cool, but something wasn't working right. It just wasn't moving. The closer I got I realized it smelled foul. When I touched it I recoiled, it was extremely hot! I unplugged it and let it cool for a few minutes before I took it apart. When I lifted the glass from the base I was almost knocked over by a burning smell. How weird! As it cooled of I noticed the wax had a different color to it. The wax had burned!! I didn't even know this was possible! Check out this picture and see what color his wax turned:

SO Weird!


Amy said...

That happened to Todd's lava lamp years ago...I was just happy we caught it in time before it burned down the house!

christina said..., the lava lamp, Jon's contact lens(thank goodness he didn't get some sort of infection in his eye!) Let's hope there isn't a third...I am so superstitious!!