Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally some relief for Jon!

So my husband prefers not to be mentioned too much here but I had to share this bizarre story with you. As you all know we went to Great Wolf Lodge two weekends ago. While he was doing that cool wave thing, Jon had one of his contact lenses rip. He went to the bathroom to pull it out and only got half. He assumed the other half had been knocked out by the water and didn't see it in his eye, so he gave up for the time being. The only problem was his eye was still bothering him. He kept looking in it and had me look around as well to see if it might be the other piece still in there. We didn't see anything and it never showed up in the corner of his eye. So he thought that he had scratched his eye and made an appointment to see the eye doc on Tuesday. He may be a male (and ignore consistent pain in his ankle that has been bothering him for years - but I digress), but you don't fool around when it comes to your eyes. The doctor checked him out and found no scratches. He stopped talking about it and we went on with our week.

So imagine my surprise when he comes out of the bathroom this morning (for those who are counting it's been ELEVEN days since the incident) after getting ready for work with his finger out. He proceeds to show me the other half of his contact lens that he had just gotten out of his eye. Can you believe the eye doctor missed that? Jon admitted that his eye had still been bothering him but wasn't sure why. He had, after all, gone to the doctor for it!

Isn't that weird?


Katie said...

Oh poor guy! Eye pain is one of the worst. Glad he found that!

Amy said...

I am sure he is feeling better now! I can't believe the Dr. missed that one!

Steph said...

did he put a new contact in that eye that still had the half in it??

Yarnin_Mama said...

This has happened to me for about 3 days. I can't believe the eye doctor didn't catch it, and I can't believe it stayed in there for 11 days. Unbelievable!!!