Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week in Review

So, the first week of school went very well. Ella is loving it and Coby is tolerating it! Here is Ella with her ipod:

She was thrilled and has listened to it for hours already!

Coby had his first football game this weekend. They won! We were down 7-6 but ended up with a touchdown (and extra point!) at the end. He had a blast but it was soooo hot. I'm looking forward to real football weather, that's for sure. Here he is before the game:

In other news, we had five babies hatch Saturday! I had gotten Ella one of the butterfly habitats and we sent away for the caterpillars. They arrived via mail two weeks ago and were cocooned by last Sunday. Six days later the butterflies began to emerge! Don't freak out on me, the red you see is meconium which is the leftover coloring for the wings, not baby's first poop as we know meconium to be!

Ella loved feeding them the homemade nectar and gathering flowers for them every morning. Last night we set them free. She enjoyed putting the nectar on her fingers and watching them eat from it. It was very cool.


Kristen said...

Love the last photo! So cute!

erinallport said...

Hey Jenn,
This looks awesome! Where did you get the butterfly habitat? I bet Belle would love that!
I LOVE that picture of Ella with the butterfly! How beautiful!!!