Thursday, September 4, 2008

To Do List Update....

We're one week into school and I've gotten some accomplished. There are some things I'm waiting to do until it gets cooler outside. Here is my update:

* Finish the corn hole game for aunt and uncle Christmas gift...still have time!
* Paint verse on wall for grandmom Got the verse on paper, waiting for an evening to go trace
* Paint stuff Ella wants on her bedroom wall (this will be FUN!) Started this! I have four on there already and am planning on doing more today. Then I'll paint. This is a Thursday afternoon project that I do while Avery is napping next door in Coby's room (Avery is my niece that I watch every Thursday!)
* Go through kids closets (again? still? one never knows....) DONE!
* Re-pot bathroom plant DONE!
* Clean out and unpack (from when the house was on the market) the new part of the basement
* Paint cabinets to be ready to finish above mentioned "new part"
* Go through boxes of framed pictures and figure out what to do with them!
* Scan in all pictures from before we had a digital camera (LARGE undertaking!)
* Outside gardens - split hosta and other perennials and create new garden in front and side New side garden tilled...waiting for it to cool off to split hosta!
* Clean all windows inside and out. Include mini blinds and curtains Done kitchen and mud room windows

Another project I've started is getting my recipes on the computer and making a master dinner list to pull from when I am putting together my monthly menu. I have that updated and will post my dinner list if anyone wants to see it!!

Some of you were concerned yesterday about Ella. Thank you!! She is fine and now has an assigned seat (not just her...the timing couldn't have been more perfect!). She was very excited again this morning to go to school!

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