Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Still Here

Sorry there hasn't been anything interesting going on here as of late. We've been busy! We've got some plans before the summer is over and we are trying to get everything in.

This morning we are headed up to the movies to see "Charlotte's Web."It's the first free one offered that we can actually make it to! Then we will head to Tar-jeh and finish up school shopping. I thought I was done but forgot Coby's lunch bag!

Coby had football last night. It was his first full-gear practice. I think he likes it, although he gave us a hard time the other day as we were shopping for undergarments. I'm sorry, but I am NOT paying $30 for a shirt that goes under two layers of stuff when I don't even spend that much on a bra! You can settle for the Nike version, which I think is even nicer anyway....plus he got to pick camouflage. He has three more practices this week so we'll see how he holds up.

Alright, gotta go pop some popcorn because I'm not paying for it at the theatre. This will be an ALL-FREE experience. I'm not paying for over-priced, over-fattening popcorn!


Kathi said...

You crack me up....bringing your own popcorn!

My Mom used to do that too, only that was back when we had to pop popcorn on the stove top in a pot with oil. She'd fill up a paper grocery bag with popcorn. The popcorn would be all greasy and the grease would always ooze through the paper bag. I was mortified and used to pretend I wasn't with her! Thank God for microwave popcorn. Have fun!

Katie said...

Hey - we went today! But a very cranky 2 year old sort-of ruined the experience for us. Oh well, we'll have to rent the DVD so Sophia and I can watch the ending.