Thursday, August 7, 2008


Yep, it's Thursday. That means we have two more "sleeps" until we leave for our yearly vacation. We've been counting down all summer and I've been prepping all summer as well. There's something about the anticipation (and planning and list-making, of course!) that I LOVE.

This year we will be staying in a condo in North Myrtle Beach (our normal beach of choice, although we've been to Hilton Head, Corolla, and Duck) with all of Jon's siblings and their families as well as his parents. for any of you counting, that's 17.8 people. His sister is due at the end of next month with her first! I'm excited to see the place because it's 2 levels and has five bedrooms and five full baths. And as Ella will tell you, "TWO refrigerators!"

So all week I've been getting the house nice and clean so when we come back I can spend the last week the kids have with them rather than cleaning. We've got some fun stuff planned for that week.

Football is going well. Coby is really liking it and I'm glad. I'm bummed though because his good friend will not be on his team this year as we were hoping. He made the one "National" team and we are proud of him anyway!! My Mother-in-law is taking them to practice tonight so I can go get my nails done for vacation.
I leave you with some random beach pics from the past few years.....

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DisneyDina said...

Loved the older photos. Have a great time. We'll be arriving there 8/15, right about the time you are leaving!