Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Party

A wise man in my life once told me, "Don't watch your kids grow up through a lens." I've taken that to heart and do not take nearly as many pictures as I used to. That being said, there were many aspects to Coby's party that I did not get on camera and that's okay. But I will share with you the one's I got! The first thing the boys did when they arrived was jump in the pool. You will notice an extremely nice roof on our play yard, courtesy of that aforementioned wise man!

While they were outside a game of touch football erupted. The boys had a blast! As they were playing, I was inside preparing this:

A make-your-own-pizza bar! Needless to say, this was a fun yet messy part of the party. The boys headed back outside for awhile while the pizza's cooked. After dinner came the cake:

It turned out very well and got rave reviews! Whew! Coby opened his gifts next and got a wonderful variety of the things he had been asking for! As dinner and dessert were being digested, they went downstairs for some Rock Band fun!

After it got dark they went outside to play flashlight tag. They also used up some sparklers and Pop It's we had leftover from the 4th. They then settled down and watched Ice Age II and fell asleep. I heard the first sounds at 8:00 the next morning...not bad! Jon set up a dye-your-own-pancakes station and let the kids go to work! Let me just throw in my disclaimer here, moms. You will notice in this picture (obviously taken the next morning) that the boys seem to be wearing the EXACT same thing they were wearing the previous day. While I would love to say I did the laundry while they were sleeping in their PJ's so they could have the same outfits on the next day nice and clean (even though they all came with a change of clothes!) it didn't really work out that way. I could even say they the boys really wanted to wear the same clothes as the day before so they got into their PJ's to sleep and then changed back into the dirty ones. But that wouldn't be entirely true, either. The truth is, they stayed in those clothes the whole time. I don't think I'll ever understand the male species and it's interesting to see this start so young. While I'm at it I might as well confess that I don't even know why you all bothered to send your son with a toothbrush....

All in all I consider this year to be a success! Coby wants the same thing (again!) next year. So moms, know ahead of time that you don't need to pack anything for the kids but a swimsuit, towel and sleeping bag.....

After the boys left we packed up and headed out camping. The Santa picture you saw posted from my phone was taken in Cumberland. They have a big festival every Friday but I didn't figure out the Santa connection..... Anyway, I leave you with a pic I took of Jon and the kids at our stop on the way, Sideling Hill.

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Steph said...

looks like everyone had a great time!! how exactly do you dye pancakes (for future reference!). what kind of cake did you end up making? his cake kind of looks like something I make with ice cream sandwiches. had to laugh about the toothbrush thing...I always send one when my kids sleep over knowing full well that it won't be touched!