Saturday, April 12, 2008

Productive Day

While I was upset that Opening Day was cancelled (well, at least the AM games that included Coby's) I was also relieved because we had much to do today. I even asked my mom to come down from PA (3 hour drive!) to watch the kids for the day so we can get this stuff done.

I'm pleased to's done!

Wanna see what we did?!?!

First, we finished the deck:

Then, we Jon replaced SIX windows! Yup..... by himself. (He has even painted the outside and caulked the inside. Now just the inside needs to be painted!):

While he did that I was painting some panels that go to our crawlspaces on the 2nd floor (they were the original brown material) and I sanded, primed, and did two coats of red on our side door and front door (you can see in the first pic the mud room door was already this color...The front and side doors used to be but we had to replace them....long story....):

I also had to take Coby to a first communion party. When the little boy asked me when Coby's was going to be I explained to him that we do not do that in our church. I told him that we were not Catholic. He said, "What's Catholic?" I read in Time last week that Catholicism is not the #1 world-wide religion anymore. For the first time ever.

Anyway...before I drop I wanted to say how wonderful it is to be able to open all of my windows now!! None of the six that were replaced could open before. WOO HOO!!!


Amy said...

Doesn't feel great to get stuff done around the house! We have gotten so much done between deciding to move and then not moving!

julie_blauwkamp said...

woot woot!
I was thinking on saturday when I was outside in the awesome weather how excited you guys must be to have a great day to finish the deck!

praying the rest of the stuff gets done so you can list your house and find another one! :)

praying for you guys! :)