Monday, April 7, 2008

Deck pics and an extra

Coby and I at his "Jump-Rope-Athon" Thursday!

Don't have much time. I'm trying make this mess house presentable for my Make-N-Take thing tonight. The upstairs is soooo close! I'll have to get some pictures, although I think it looked better when I had the kids pictures up. One of the houses we looked at yesterday has made it to the list. I'll be looking at more tomorrow (with Ella...pray for me!) and decided if it's worth a trip back with Jon.

Here is the deck so far:

You can see in this picture below where we had started demolishing the concrete a few years ago (in the corner). This was the reason for the deck....

Have a good, rainy monday!


Dani said...

Do you have like little worker munchkins in your crawl space? Can we borrow a few? Just kidding, our house is about ready too, we're just waiting for the landscape people now! Your deck is going to look really nice!!

Kathi said...

Your husband is SO talented! I can tell it's going to look beautiful! Thanks for letting Blaine help with the demo of the steps! He is STILL talking about how COOL it was.