Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Friday!!

Thank goodness! What a week! I'm exhausted and this thing I've got (sinus infection?? TBD @ 1:00 today...) is not helping! I woke up this morning with a migraine that toyed with me all night. Ugh!!

The showing yesterday went well. The feedback was positive. Don't think we'll get an offer, though. We're looking at an open house next Sunday (Jen I thought of you...Jon and I are both "on" so my day will likely begin around 5:30 like yours did a few weeks back!) as well as being a part of the agents tour L&F does once a month.

Here are some pics from the zoo field trip on Wednesday:

Anyone else think this:

wasn't as funny last night? It was not up to par.

Alright, off to do laundry! Have a great weekend!!

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Jen said...

I feel your pain! Do as much as you can Saturday night. At least you don't have to drive as far as us. That's nice! I think Jeff is actually on with you next Sunday--taking Adam's place. So our day will begin early no matter what--but not quite at 5:30! Good luck!