Saturday, March 22, 2008

CVS this week

There were many deals this week at CVS, but I only did "egh." I ended up with:

-a Glade flameless candle
-a Bic Soleil Razor system
-the Bic Soleil Razor refill pack
-Maybelline Lip Gloss (which I really like, BTW!)
-a tube of Neosporin
-2 packs of Band-Aids

I paid $3 OOP (out of pocket) and used 26 ECB's. I got 20 ECB's back. See??!?! Just "egh......"

For those of you doing this CVS thing, will they let you use multiple manufactures coupons for one item?

Random Fact of the Day: Up until last Saturday I had gone 13 years without being pulled over. (*Knock on wood*) I still have not gotten an ticket. I got a warning for going 45 in a 25! Off to pull the horseshoe out, now......!!


Jen said...

Nope! Unfortunately you can't use more than one manu coupon per item. But you can use a manu coupon along with a CVS coupon (from the bottom of the receipt)though, as far as I know. You did good!

Amy said...

I guess I will have to talk to you about this CVS thing as I do not understand all the "lingo"!

Kathi said...

Okay, I just commented on Jen's blog.
You two have totally inspired me. I've NEVER been to CVS, but I am going to go.

Yarnin_Mama said...

I'm going to CVS. I made out my list.

Christina said...

What's this CVS thing all about? I'm confused...