Wednesday, March 19, 2008

AI Bottom Three




Going Home Tonight:


(....hey, this has got to be right at some point, right?!??!)

Random Fact of the Day: To go along with Jen's post, my first car was a 1988 navy blue Chevy Nova (photo-likeness, of course...):


Jen said...

Not Michael!! I really like him! Either of the girls can go at any time--or David Archeletta. He annoys me kinda!

Katie said...

I want Elvira (I mean, Amanda!) to go!! I really do not care for her voice!!

Dani said...

Yeah, I'm thinking Kristy too. I agree with Katie about Amanda (even though she's from IN, represent) but she's probably not going anywhere. I still like David A., I've noticed that I can't not smile when I watch him!