Sunday, March 22, 2009


Where are my pictures? I just tried MS Word to do an entry (Blogger was giving me a heck of a time with the HTML, errors, etc.) So I copied and pasted. But there are no pictures!

Anyone have any idea how to get pictures to show up when using MS Word?


Pen and Ink said...

Hi Jenn!

First, thanks so much for posting the recipe below! I had banana pudding made that way once a few years ago and it was THE BEST! I'm so excited to have the recipe now!!

I think the reason your pics aren't transferring from MS Word is because they aren't hosted on the internet when you do that, they are only stored on your computer. When you upload them into blogger, blogger hosts them, which is why they show up then. So you need to have a host for them somewhere if you decide not to use the blogger uploader - I use flickr, but you can also use photobucket, picassa, etc. Once you upload them into one of those places, you will get a HTML code for the pic that you can copy and paste into blogger. And, I agree, blogger is a pain about moving the pics around. I usually switch to HTML mode and use ctrl x and ctrl v to cut and paste and put the pics exactly where I want them.

Hope that helps, sorry if you knew all that already and this is super redundant. I know how frustrating it can be!

- Lisa

Amy said...

I feel for you...I am having the same issues. I am very frustrated!

jodie said...

I host my pics on my hard drive and have never had a problem copying them into my posts. UNTIL YESTERDAY!! Yes, Jenn, I think something is up with blogspot. My pics entered as javascript and I couldn't see them in the preview. But fortunately when I hit "publish" they transferred okay.

Is fb sabotaging blogs?