Sunday, March 22, 2009

Can I just say that Blogger is driving me INSANE? This post took forever because you can't move pictures the way you used to!

I got this recipe from a friend after she raved about it on Facebook. Just to point out - Facebook is good for things other than knowing when someone is peeing or when they have woken up. Really (I just keep telling myself that...). I just got finished assembling it so I don't know what the final product actually tastes like, but it has gotten rave reviews so I feel safe! Also - I may have sampled the ingredients in a sandwich form. Maybe. So I might have an idea of what the finished product will taste like.

Here we go!

Cast of Characters:

1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk

1½ C Water

1 Small Box of French Vanilla Pudding

1 pint (2C) Whipping Cream

Vanilla Wafers

3 Bananas


Step One: Combine Milk, Water and Pudding. Whisk well. Toss (gently!) into fridge while you do Step Two!




Step Two: Use a mixer to beat Whipped Cream from a liquid to a solid. This shows what it looks like before. The next pics are after. This is what you should be trying for!




Awesome! Next, gently fold in the pudding mixture. Remember, we want to keep it fluffy so be careful!




Now we start layering. Being with the pudding and put the vanilla wafers on top. I have mine in a triffle bowl, but any bowl will do. If you cannot see through it than being neat doesn't matter.



Bananas are next.Note here - You do NOT need to cut them this way! This is just me trying to be Miss. Fancy-Pants!


Layer them on.

Continue layering until you have used all three bananas. It should resemble this:


(Again, I got all fancy with the bananas and wafers. Do what you want!)


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TopazGirl said...

Sounds yummy, hope the pics will work soon!