Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wow, two in one day!

So, Dave Matthews is correct, the song she likes in particular that she was requesting is "Dreamgirl."

I had mentioned a few blogs ago that I was working on a cornhole project. For those who don't have any clue what I'm talking about, take a look here. Most boards are just white, but I can't keep mine that way. Not with having my handy dandy fun toy around. So, here is what it looks like now (almost done!)...the paint is still a little wet in the pics:

Here is the image I used:

Not too shabby, egh? I've done multiple things on my walls in the past year or so. I'll share them here some other time. Remind me....

I finally got our veggie garden done tonight. I am going in with a neighbor and she was going to get the plants but I hadn't heard from her in a week so I went out today and bought some. She knocked on my door tonight and apologized and let me know that she had more as well. We will be well-stocked when they start budding....hopefully before summer ends! We have six tomato plants, a few cucumbers, a few zucchini, lots of different peppers from mild/sweet to habanero, 10 corn (!), three pumpkin (don't ask), and a goose neck gourd thing that she bought that you can make birdhouses out of.


Steph said...

that looks amazing! I had no idea there was a tracer tool like that!

Jen said...

Where did you find your cucumber plants? I have been looking and can't find any. I thought it was too late but maybe not.

And that cornhole board was lucky for me yesterday! I played my first game and won! Now the kids are bugging Jeff to build one for our family! It won't have a Raven on it though! :-)