Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ella's Song Choice

So, we've been traveling 25 minutes one way every day for swim lessons (I know, we're crazy!). To have fun on the way, I've been letting the kids (there are four of them because we are carpooling) take turns picking which songs they want me to play from my iphone. This morning, when it was Ella's turn, she said she wanted the song with the "Lady with no clothes and no head doing a plie (read: "plee-ay" a ballet move) ." With the iphone you can see a picture of the album cover while the song is playing. Huh...I have to admit I was stumped for a minute and then realized what she was talking about:

There's a little clue in the pic, but do any of you (besides Jon!) know what she was talking about?


Anonymous said...

I know! Dave Matthews Band! Ella has good taste!

I can't remember if I've commented before, but I go to LifePoint and found your blog through some of the others. I have you in my reader and always enjoy your posts!

Lisa Ridgely

christina said...

Ah!! Someone beat me to it! It's from "Stand Up" right? And I agree, very good taste. I am, ahem, torturing my children with Josh Groban right now. I am totally enamored by his voice!