Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol

Well, I have to say I really enjoyed last nights show! Ever since my middle school music director opened my eyes to the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber I have loved listening to them! The first CD set I bought was Phantom of the Opera. Wow!! And because I had no life in middle school I decided to send away for a copy of the script that was advertised on the CD cover and memorize the entire play. I wonder if I could still recite along.....????

Anyway, I digress. I'm not sure if there is going to be a bottom two or bottom three so, here is my prediction (and we all know how accurate I've been so far this season....ha!):

If there are only two, I think Jason and Brooke will be it with Brooke going home. I really did not like Jason's song choice tonight. There are so many other ALW songs that would fit him. Remember how Lord Webber had Carly try her 2nd choice? I wonder what Jason's was.....

If there is a bottom three I'm going to add Carly to the list:

I know Syesha has been in the bottom three before, as has Carly, but I think Syesha did an amazing job last night and will make it in the top three this week. I also think Carly did an amazing job, so it was hard for me to decide between the two.

And Paula is so right.....David Cook can sing anything!!

In other news, we are still looking for a buyer (!) so please pray for that. We are in an interesting situation where we do not have to sell. So, we aren't going to lower the price or advertise desperation or any of that. If it doesn't happen now, then God wants us in this house with Coby and Ella in their school for a reason and we'll embrace that. We are comfortable here and like the house. We really wanted more land for the kids and entertaining. So again, we'll see! I'll keep things updated here because I know some of you are following this process with me and praying for us.

I'm off to the gym this morning, finally. I'm going to be so sore tomorrow but I don't care!!

Random Fact of the Day: The song "Memory" from Cats that Jason sang last night was my first school solo in middle school. I got to sing the first two lines by myself.


Amy said...

Praying for you!!!

Katie said...

I agree totally with your bottom two!!!

Kelsey said...

I totally agree too! Unfortunately...someone has to go home. From this point on it's going to be tough. They're all so good...but poor Brooke lost it last night :(