Friday, March 14, 2008

For Jodie....

So Jodie had asked me about my spice rack after my random fact yesterday. My spices are not in my pantry, they have their own drawer. This, for the most part, is fantastic. However; the drawer can only handle certain-sized containers and it makes it hard to keep them alphabetized. But, below is my attempt to keep them somewhat organized:
As you can see, they are fairly alphabetized, but backwards-ish. Anyway, I had taken a photo of my actual pantry some time ago for something else and managed to find it, so I'll post that, too:

It has looked better and it's looked worse, but again, for the most part it's organized. I think when Jon thinks of the movie, the main idea is the fact that every thing has to be facing forward so it is readable. I will turn a box and a can until I can read what it says.

And Jodie, for the record, the resource room feels like my home away from home!!

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Jon said...

Why isn't the old bay in the front...where it should be!!!