Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Okay, I admittedly have NOT seen AI yet....however, I was at my Bible Study and overheard it occasionally (the TV was on in the other room! Talk about torture....). I really hope Kristy Lee goes tonight.....I knew it was her as soon as she started and I didn't like it!

We'll see....

Is there only one going home tonight??

Random Fact of the Day: Jon really wanted Ella's name to be Ariel. He went to school with a girl name Ariel that he really liked (as a friend...she was really nice) and always liked her name. So, his association would have been her (which didn't bother me) but that left mine as the Disney mermaid and I couldn't do that. So, we tried combining the two and came up with Ariella, but I didn't like that, either. I like Ella! Oh, and BTW, her middle name is Lavice (pronounced Lah-veese). She is named after Jon's grandmom.


Kelsey said...

Yeah I definitely hope she goes's either going to be her or David Hernandez.

Kathi said...

Jenn, I had to laugh...Aierella reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with "Mulva...Vulva." Good thing you went with Ella. :)