Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In a Nutshell

So, I was going to do a nice long entry about what's going on over here, but time has snuck (is that even a word?) away again. I spent the majority of the evening going through old pictures that I have recently moved to Google's new program Picasa. I'm working on starring the good ones for my screensaver slideshow. We are having a party here on Saturday for someone Jon works with and I am hoping to have it done by then. After that I get to go back through them all and get rid of the pictures I just don't need. I don't have the time to do all of that at once! I only have from December of 2003 on my computer (when we got our 1st digital camera...) but have managed to collect a large sum of them. Anyone care to guess how many pictures I have from then until now? I'll take guesses in the comment section!! My project in the fall (when Ella is in school full-time) is to get a scanner and scan in the one's from before 12/2003 and have them in the computer as well.

Anyway, I have also been playing with my layout here and adding things slowly. If any of you have any suggestions or feedback I would love to hear it!

Random thought of the day: I'm totally craving Carrabbas Chicken Bryan.....

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Cheryl said...

I should really cull my pictures, too. I have so many, but we just periodically dump them on an external hard drive, which I'll likely never fill up, so I justify it that way. LOL

If I had to guess how many pictures you have, since 2003, I would guess.....um.....12,000!

Now I'm dying to know! LOL