Friday, February 8, 2008

Downright GIDDY

is the only way to express how I'm feeling right now. Pretty sad, huh? All due to CVS!! Remember, this is my 1st time, so I had to spend some. Here is the rundown.....

Colgate Total Whitening - Originally 2.99 each. Bought 2 for 5.00 and had a 1.00 coupon for each one. Total spent = 3.00 for both and also gained half of what was needed for 10 ECB. So, they paid me 2.00 to take these off of their hands.

Palmolive Soap - Originally 1.59 each. Bought 2 for 1.98 and had a 1.00 coupon. So, paid .49 for each and this went toward my 10.00 purchase for abovementioned 10 ECB. I had to buy 2 to get the 1.00 coupon.

Speed Stick Deoderant - Originally 2.99 each. Bought 2 for 3.98 and had a 1.00 coupon. So, paid 2.98 for 2 and this also went toward 10 ECB.

Dove Chocolate - Originally 4.29 each. Bought 2 for 6.00 had 1.50 coupon and got 2 ECB. So, I paid 2.50 for two bags. Savings - 6.10

Excedrin - Originally 10.50 each. Bought 2 for 14.00 had 2.00 coupon for each and got 10 ECB. So, I walked away with them both free, essentially. Broke even, if you will.

Garnier Shampoo - Originally 4.29 each. Bought 2 for 7.98. Had 1.00 coupon for each. Paid 6.98 for two and got 3.99ECB. So, 2 bottles for 2.99. I only needed to buy 1, but it was a good price and this is the shampoo I use. Plus I had the coupon.....

Maybelline eye shadow - Originally 5.49. Had a 1.00 coupon and earned 5.49 ECB.

Batteries - BOGO. I needed 9 volts!

SO, my total spent was $30.99 and I received $27.50 in ECB. The original cost of everything would have been $67.00.

Well, how did I do????

**Also wanted to add - this is stuff I buy anyway, so it was very worth it!!**


Cheryl said...

Ok, I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO GET STARTED DOING THIS!!! Where do you find out the deals? Where do you get the coupons? What do you do to sign up for the rewards at the store? You're the second person I've seen mention this, and I WANT IN!

Give me the scoop, pretty please!

Jen said...

Yeah Jenn!! You figured it out and you did GREAT!! Now you are hooked! Glad you gave it a try. Was this all in Eldersburg???

Now you are all set to just keep rolling over those ECBs!!