Thursday, April 16, 2009

January 1996

Our 12th Wedding Anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. I stumbled across this pic today as I was going through some stacks on my desk. This was taken at BWI on January 8th, 1996. We were flying out to the Bahama's. Some fun facts about this trip: It was my first time on an airplane, we had only started dating three months prior, he gave me "the" ring on this trip but said he had to do one more thing before he officially asked me to marry him, our first nephew had been born the day before, it was in the middle of the bigest snowstorm in a long time.


jodie said...

oh the perm years. I was born in the wrong era. curls weren't cool in the 70s.

Steph said...

jenn I'm shocked...a trip to the bahamas and you weren't married? LOL