Monday, February 23, 2009

AWESOME weekend away recap!

We had a wonderful weekend away this past weekend! We went with Jon's brother Andrew and his wife Robin and our friends Ryan and Sara Butler to a cabin in West Virginia without any kids! We met there Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday around noon. It was the perfect time away! We had two wonderful dinners with no interruptions! We were able to read, play games, and watch movies to our hearts content! We were able to sleep in until we felt like getting up. Pure heaven. Well, except the sleeping-in part for me. That's hard for me to do and then function. But I perservered!

Back to the normal week for me. This one will be busy. I have a frozen-dinner swap this Sunday and then my surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday. Lots to prep to be ready for that!

Have a great week!

These pics are on the bottom because Blogger wouldn't let me move them in the post! The first is us at dinner on Saturday night and then the other is of the awesome fireplace in the cabin!


Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel said...

Sounds like a really wonderful time, especially the sleeping in and eating with no interruptions.

Kathi said...

Sounds wonderful Jenn!!!
LOVE that fireplace!!! I want stone in my next house....whenever that will be!