Friday, February 13, 2009

My Morning...

Coby: Why can't I eat my cereal on the floor next to the heater? (While he's wearing a tee shirt and no socks...)
Ella: I don't want cereal! Why don't you tell me what's going to be for breakfast so I know what to decide! (After trading her french toast sticks yesterday for cereal and then wanting the french toast sticks today...) The rule in our house is that FTS are a treat and only to be eaten when it says so on the breakfast calender (which had to be done because of multiple fights involving wanting to eat the FTS for breakfast...EVERYDAY). However, you can always trade what's written for cereal or oatmeal (which they won't eat anyway but at least I give them a choice...).
Coby: Why do you need to brush my hair?! And you're spraying me too much! (He had gone to bed with a damp head last night. You all know his hair. You can only imagine what it looks like in the morning...)
Ella: You didn't tell me I had to take ALL of it!! (She's been on an antibiotic for five days. She takes Zyrtec everyday. She had a little cup of the medicine. Hello?!?) She had only taken a little and "used up" her spoonful of ice cream (Julie Andrews should re-write that song.) and then got mad when I told her she had to take all of it.
Coby: Mom! Where did you put those two books I brought home from media? Me - Ummm..I have no clue what you're talking about. Coby - Oh yeah, I left them at school (no apology). Mom! What did you do with my pencil pouch (feverishly looking through backpack...). Me - Uh, nothing. I didn't touch it! Coby - Oh, I must've left it in my desk (again - no apology).
Ella: Why do we have to brush our teeth every morning?
Coby: Why can't you let me be NORMAL? (After explaining to him for the um-teenth time why he cannot play video games in the morning.)
Ella: (At the top of the steps, three minutes before the bus comes) Now, what do I need to do again? (Honey - only the same things you've been doing now for OVER ONE HUNDRED SCHOOL DAYS!)



jodie said...

thanks for the morning laugh!

Anonymous said...

this is why I only have ONE child!

Your lovng sister,