Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ella's Schedule

I have no clue where she may have come up with this idea (**internal snort**) but Ella enjoys making herself a checklist every morning before school. And, of course, on the day I decide to blog about it the "checklist" is not up to snuff.... The one you see below is confusing because she drew a check mark when she had done it and then drew a line to connect the check mark with the activity. Other ones that he has done have been much better, but I cannot find any of them. I think it's hilarious that she does this, Jon just shakes his head and is (I'm sure) praying for whomever her husband ends up being.

Anyway, there are five things she has to do before school. If she gets all of them done then she gets TV time before the bus comes. That doesn't happen often because the process of making the checklist takes time! Here is a run-down of what she needs to do:

-Make bed (I'm thinking that's the picture with her laying down looking nine months pregnant :))
-Get Dressed (that's the one with the clothes drawn over her body on the bottom left)
-Eat Breakfast (sitting at the table)
-Brush Teeth (I think that's a toothbrush in her hand, not a knife....)
-Pack Backpack (this is where it gets tricky. I think the thing that says "Ella" on it is supposed to be her backpack)

What a riot!


Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel said...

She would fit in very well in our household. I love lists and have passed on that lofty gene to my daughter, who also loves to make lists. I must say that Ella's list is very creative as it includes illustrations and makes my own lists look extremely boring.

Kathi said...

Blaine has a checklist of sorts for morning & night that he made up...i'll have to post it one day.

Steph said...

that is adorable!