Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy Busy!

I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to blog! I'm trying to get into a groove and it's not quite happening. If anyone knows how to add four or so hours into the day, please let me know!

We've had quite a bit going on here. My grandmom had hernia surgery two weeks ago and called me from the ER last Sunday morning. She had an ambulance take her because she had extremely bad pain in her neck and thought something was really wrong. Well, they diagnosed her with a pulled muscle and muscle spasms and gave her a morphine-based pain killer as well as a muscle relaxer and sent her on her way. Needless to say, she does not remember that day at all. I told her she was coming hope with me for a few days. Has anyone ever taken 24 hour care of an elderly person? I'll tell you, it's worse than having a newborn baby! I had her stay until Friday. I was wiped by the time the week was through.

Speaking of newborns, my sister-in-law had hers two and a half weeks ago! She is beautiful and perfect but it's been far from easy for her. First Jenna ended up back in the hospital at five days old due to her bilirubin being very high. She stayed for two nights. Becky got barely three more days in at home and then ended up in the hospital herself. She ended up needing three units of blood and a D & C. So, she was starting over from day one as far as healing was concerned. Coincidentally, the next few school days after I dropped my grandmom back home were spent helping Becky.

So, all is well now. Becky and Jenna are both troopers and in spite of "pumping and dumping" when Jenna was ten days old and having to supplement with bottles, she's now over her birth weight and nursing exclusively. Yay for that!

In addition to all of that, I'm in charge of a big Women's Ministry Event at church that we've started planning, as well as helping with retreat stuff. On the school end of things, I'm the School Spirit Committee Chair and I'm trying to get events and spirit wear stuff together. I had our first committee meeting last night. After that I headed to Jon's grandparents house to start on their verse on the wall. She is hosting Canasta in October and wanted it done by then. Looks like it'll happen! Also at school I'm class mom for both kids' classes and I'm a steady volunteer in Ella's classroom and now the media center (thanks, Mary Ellen! Hee Hee Hee...!!). Someone remind me that I'm a STAY AT HOME MOM? Don't even get me started on the gym!

Oh and I almost forgot! While I was home with my grandmom last week I managed to pull together 15 meals for my quarterly meal swap. I needed 12 for the actual swap and the extras I had went to Becky and Jon's cousin who had a baby last week. I'm going down there to meet that baby tomorrow!

So this week my goal is to pull my house together to prepare for Sunday. I'm looking forward to the get-together and competition!!!

Now I'm off to enter in all the PTA members into the database on my computer. Oh, did I not mention I do that, too???


Brooke said...

I am tired just reading your blog. :)

Kathi said...

Jenn, now I feel better about my weekend!!!

Just remember, if it's not something you love doing and have time for it's okay to say no. It is so freeing when you do.

lsn't it amazing how quickly your time can fill up?

mary ellen said...

You're welcome! hahahah
The media center is where it's at.

You rock!