Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yey, the pictures are working now! Here we go:

At The Campground


Coby caught one!

On the Caterpillar at IdolWild. This is the last one of it's kind that covers you up as you ride!

More IdolWild!

Swimming @ Canoe Creek, PA

I found this awesome new app for my iphone last night! It turns it into a light saber, complete with sound effects! I'm not a Star Wars fan, but I think this is so cool! There are a few other apps I DL'd that are cool as well. This phone is so much fun!

I can't believe July is halfway over already! Coby is having his party next week and is looking forward to his four good friends coming over to spend the night. Our vacation to the beach is coming up soon as well and none of us can wait!

Did you notice that school supplies are coming out in stores? I've got my list all ready and am eager to partake in weekly specials until we've got it all covered. I can't believe how much I need this year, with Ella starting kindy. Something like 5 dozen pencils and 40 glue sticks! Wow!

I gotta go, I'm looking after 7 kids today (from age 1-12!) and need to get some other things done while they are all occupied.

Have a good weekend, I won't be around until Monday!

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