Wednesday, March 5, 2008

CVS Trip #2 (and other great finds...)

Okay, so they were out of the razors I wanted (darn!), but I still got some good deals. Here they are:

Colgate Toothpaste: Bought 5 for $2.99 = $14.95
Had $4.50 in coupons for them, so my total was $10.45
BUT I got back $14.95 in ECB's so they paid me to take these off their hands!!

I should've stopped there, and if I had then I would've had them take my $5 off $15 also and I would have made out like a bandit (I would've needed to buy a candy bar or something, though, to take my total before tax over $15), but I had a few other coupons and there were some other ECB deals, so all-in-all I did pretty well. I now have $31 in ECB's for future use, I used $24 to buy all the stuff in the last two days, plus about $4.00 cash.

Other great deals:

LOVE the price on the 93/7 ground beef this week.....$2.00 a pound! Yup! So, I scarfed up on that (12 pounds!) as well as Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Life Cereal. They had a super saver coupon that said you could get 5 for $5 (!!!) PLUS I had a total of $4.50 in coupons. So, $22 of cereal for $.50. Not too shabby....they also had a SS coupon for cheese and pizza, so I got that. Plus their strawberries were looking good and cheaper than Martins, so I got a pack of those as well. Oh, and two donuts for the kids. So, my total was $44.

Then I bought 20 more pounds of the ground beef for the Make-n-Take thing I'm doing for MOPS. I'm buying and prepping for four sessions with five moms each. That's 100 meals!! We are doing five meals for each one. I needed the ground beef for the spaghetti pie. I also need 20ish pounds of pork chops and about 80-90 pounds of bl/sl chicken. Yikes!

I also got a few bags of free soft pretzels from Martins today. They had them 10/$10 and I had a few $.50 coupons that they then doubled.

Plus I got Crest Whitestrips from Walgreens. I've been eyeing them and price checking and they had a $5 coupon plus I stacked it with a manufactures coupon for $5 off. So, I got the strips for $11!!

Great savings day!! WOO HOO!!

Random Fact of the Day: I was drum major of my marching band my senior year of high school. Anyone care to guess what year that was?

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Sabrina said... would be unfair for me to guess! plus then we would be dating ourselves! I just found this pic of us at the senior prom when I was cleaning!